In order to describe my activity I must start from the beginning as we do in a short story or in a novel.

My grandfather taught me to love our woods and take care of this marvelous historical route that the whole of Europe envies us. But overall he taught me to experience the joy of being welcoming and hospitable. For this reason I decided to renovate my childhood home and make it cozy for those who decide to spend some time in these places: the natural heritage of the Cerbaie forests, the wildlife oasis, the Padule di Fucecchio, an old lake-swamp where you can hear the beating of wings echoing of the water birds.

The hospitality is in our family D.N.A. After I have worked as Architecture for 20 years, here I am, in a new adventure started 4 years ago for the desire to reopen my father’s bar and today this structure, symbol of hospitality , so dear to my grandmother.

I have took care of everything in the building restructuring works, recovering the traditional Tuscan materials belonging to my family. They were in the attic, hidden among odds and ends, under the dust.

In this journey, (that’s what I’m going to call my project) I’ve been helped by Vanessa Banti, a friend and a collaborator, but first of all a traveler. It is thanks to her help that I discovered the above mentioned objects. These nowadays rare objects have been given a new life and have been renovated. It was fantastic to see again the original colors and the writings hidden from the time passing. Today these objects today are part the interior design of the structure and a sign of the history of these places and first of all of my family.

Our purpose is to make our guests feel comfortable as if they were at home, to let them discover the roots of the Italy belonging to our grandparents, to offer a worm and familiar environment where Vittoria and Vanessa will be always at your disposal.

Apart from the standard accommodation, on request, you have the possibility to taste the flavors of the Tuscan cuisine, the local salamis and make delicious bread and focaccia testing, making your stay exciting and unforgettable.

Da Vitto Affittacamere
Via Romana Lucchese, 292
50054 Galleno, Fucecchio (FI)


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