It all started with my grandfather, Leopoldo Pellegrini, and his passion for the bike and the bike’s world… This passion gave him the possibility to make friends with incredible champions like Moser, Lang, Bartoli ecc…

“Da Vitto” not only offers standard accommodation for tourists, pilgrims, travelers and business men, but it tries to re-create that worm atmosphere that my grandfather loved, offering  also all those services necessary to people who practice cycling tourism, road cycling and Mountain-bike cycling.

Dear “CicloAmici”, in our small ways, we will try to give you everything you need so that you can live a pleasant adventure across our territory.

To bed with your Bike it is known that rarely a bike lover separates himself from his great love. For this reason we have a store room for bikes. The door is closed with lock and the room is accessible from inside. But if this is not sufficient for you, don’t worry, we will do our maximum efforts and try to make you as comfortable as possible.

At sunrise being also organizers of cycles races on our territory, we are conscious that the cyclist gets up early. Don’t worry, just tell us at what time you need your breakfast, the lunch or your dinner. We will be happy to help you.

Do you have tools? • We are not able to fix bicycles but we will make every efforts for providing the tools such as wrenches, Allen keys etc., necessary to do your repairs.

Shower & bicycle • It’s quite hard to let the bike enter the shower. For this reason we have set up an area where it is possible to wash the bike before storing it, maybe after having done an excursion in the woodlands. It is available also a laundry equipped with clothesline where you can wash your cloths and leave the day after fresh as a daisy.

Il Mondialetto • it is nothing more than a Lunch Pocket, something to munch on during the travel or during an excursion. By stopping in a wood to have this snack you will have the chance to fully enjoy the colors and scents of the place.

Merendiamo • a midday nourishing snack to replenish your energy when you are back from an excursion.

Girarigira • we provide road atlas, maps and itinerary for your consultation, to photocopy and take with you to get oriented in the territory or find the better ways.

Da Vitto Affittacamere
Via Romana Lucchese, 292
50054 Galleno, Fucecchio (FI)


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