The Route

The via Francigena, Franchigena, Francisca or Romea is part of a network  of roads called also Vie Romee running from Western Europe and, in particularly from France,  to Rome and from here they  continued towards the Puglia Region where there were the ports of embarkation to Holy Land, destination of  pilgrims and Crusaders.

The love for the Via Francigena was passed down to me by my grandfather Leopoldo Pellegrini, great lover of our lands and  walker of the Via Francigena. In the 90’s, when nobody knows the importance of this historical route he was already used to guide pilgrims.

My Grandfather taught me to love our woods and take care of this wonderful historical road that all of Europe envies us.

Da Vitto Affittacamere
Via Romana Lucchese, 292
50054 Galleno, Fucecchio (FI)


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